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Dinner (Yen):
Phone: 075-213-5000
Address: 527 Kamiosakacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture
Dinner: 17:00 - 24:00 (L.O. 23:00)
Closed on: Open Daily
Credit Card: Major Credit Cards
Parking: N/A
Smoking Policy: Non-Smoking
Wheelchair Accessible ?: No
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Hiro's Lantern
Hiro’s Entrance Lantern

Best Quality Wagyu Beef BBQ

Probably “Hiro” is one of the few best Wagyu Beef BBQ restaurants in Kyoto. There are 8 locations in Kyoto where you can eat their top notch beef and each of them delivers exactly the same quality foods and same level of services. The location I always pick is “Kiyamachi” location, simply because it is the closest from where I live. Another benefit of “Kiyamachi” location is that it faces Kamo River, and if I can get a table by the windows, the beautiful view overlooking the river is mine.

BBQ Grill Image
Hiro’s No Smoke BBQ Grill

BBQ Restaurant operated by a Butcher

Hiro started off as a meat shop (butcher) specialized in high quality Japanese Beef (Wagyu Beef), and their original meat shop is still there at the west end of Sanjo Shopping Mall where their flagship BBQ house is located right next to it. They buy a whole cattle and butcher it into all the different parts to sell at the meat shop and to distribute to their 8 restaurant locations in town. This enables Hiro to offer very affordable prices both at the meat shop and at the BBQ restaurants. Dipping sauce for BBQ is very light, not like the ones which are usually thick and too much sweetened. Thanks to the sauce, I feel like the fattiness of marbled meat is cut down a bit and I can eat more. The other point I want to tell you is their BBQ grill which sucks in the smoke, and so my T-Shirt is free from BBQ smell.

Gourgeous Japanese Beef
Gorgeous Japanese Beef – 5 – 6 different cuts

Hiro is a huge restaurant, but it is normally packed. I always make reservations ahead of time (at least a week ahead) to secure a nice table. On a sunny day in summer, outdoor seating by the river is also available. It can be really hot outside, but is always good for those who like eating and drinking outside.

Order Mixed Meat Plate

One of my recommended menu items is a mixed meat plate for two. It comes with 5 – 6 different cuts of beautiful Japanese Beef. It is about Yen 6,000 (for two) and is more than enough for two. With some beers and other beverages, total bill (for 2) is usually below Yen 10,000. Great deal for the quality of foods ! Service is superb, too. Very friendly and professional.

Not Recommended for Vegetarians & Seafood Lovers

Caution ! – Hiro may not be the right place for vegetarians and vegans, because their menu offers very few vegetarian/vegan options. Very few seafood options are available, too.

Getting There:
From: Keihan Sanjo Station
[Walk] Walk to the west from Keihan Sanjo Station on Sanjo Street and turn to the right onto Kiyamachi Street. You will find the restaurant on your right. About 7 min. from the station.
From: Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
[Walk] Walk to the east on Shijo Street and turn to the left onto Kawaramachi street. You will find the restaurant on your right. About 12 min. walk from the station.
From: Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station
[Walk] Walk to the east on Oike Street and turn to the right onto Kiyamachi Street. You will find the restaurant on your left. About 6 min. from the station. Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station is a Subway Tozai Line station. If you come from JR Kyoto Station, take Subway Karasuma Line bound for Kokusaikaikan and get off at Karasuma Oike Station and change to Subway Tozai Line bound for Rokujizo. Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae is just one stop from Karasuma Oike. Just FYI.

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