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Azumazushi Sushi Restaurant

Lunch (Yen):
Dinner (Yen):
Phone: 075-561-5471
Address: 297−3, Shomencho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Business Hours: 12:00 - 21:30 (Last Order)
Closed on: Thursday, 3rd Wednesday
Credit Card: No Credit Cards Accepted
Parking: Available
Smoking Policy: Non-Smoking
Wheelchair Accessible ?: No
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Sushi Restaurant with only 9 Seats at Counter

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Entrance of Azumazushi Sushi Restaurant

Probably, this cozy little Sushi restaurant is one of the most renowned local favorites in Kyoto. Although it is located in the area closer to the edge of the town, this Sushi restaurant is always packed with regular clientele and out-of-town visitors. Besides the top-notch quality of Sushi’s, many of the customers love the variety of creative appetizers which pair very well with premium Sake selections. Also, the owner (master chef) and his son (sous chef) are super friendly and talkative (Japanese only, though), and that makes regular customers come back again and again. The restaurant is somewhat on the pricey side, but I think it is worth given the quality of the ingredients and how exquisite the preparations of Sushi’s and appetizers are.

A bit Pricey but Never Disappointing

Azuma Sushi Image 2
Master Chef (owner), chatting with customers over the counter.

This Sushi restaurant is open at noon and keeps open until it is closed at around 10:00pm (last call is 9:30pm). For dinner, they do not have a menu with prices (they do have beverage menu with prices, though). Food items of the day are scribbled with white marker on the black boards on the wall – just descriptions + no prices.

Azuma Sushi Image 3
Food Menu on the black board.

So, the majority of customers usually order Sushi’s and appetizers without even asking the prices – that is because they trust the chefs (owner and his son). Unless we order very expensive foods, the bill per person is somewhere around Yen 5,000. I usually drink a bottle of Beer to begin with, followed by 3 – 4 glasses of premium Sake’s, so the total bill in my case is between Yen 7,000 – Yen 9,000. Not too bad.

Tell your Budget if you are on a Budget

Azuma Sushi Image 4
Sashimi Plate. Beautifully presented !

Azumazushi does not accept Credit Cards, so you may be a bit nervous dining there without knowing the prices before ordering, especially if you are on a budget. If that is the case, frankly tell your budget to the chefs and ask them to go Omakase (chef’s choice). As far as the budget is decent (Yen 4,000, for example), the foods (appetizers and Sushi’s) served by the chefs will not disappoint you. Their choices are usually generous. In case you are staying at a hotel in town, ask the concierge to call Azumazushi for you for reserving your seat(s) – reservation is always recommended – and ask the concierge to tell your budget to the chefs ahead of time.


Azumazushi has at least 5 premium Sake’s. “Densho” (Junmai Ginjo) brewed by Gekkeikan (Kyoto) is my favorite. It is a raw stored premium Sake (no heat processed). Delicate and yet full bodied with long aftertaste. Also, they usually has “Bon” (Junmai Ginjo) brewed by a local Sake brewery in Fukui Prefecture, known for Rice and pure spring water. From time to time, they have “Zaku” brewed in Mie Prefecture. Zaku was an official Sake served for world VIP’s who came to Japan for G7 Ise-Shima Summit in 2016.

Other than premium Sake’s, they have Veuve Clicquot (Champagne), Chablis, Beer on tap and bottled Beers, etc.

Great Lunch Deals

Azuma Sushi Image 5
Lunch “Chirashi” Sushi. Yen 800 ! I think this is a super deal.

For lunch, they have special deals. 10 pcs of Sushi with Miso soup is Yen 2,500 and Yen 3,500 for 15 pcs. Also, there is a super deal of Yen 800 (with Miso soup) for Chirashi Sushi (a bowl of Sushi rice with a variety of chopped ingredients sprinkled on top). Each of these lunch deals is limited to 15 servings a day. If you want to drink a small glass of Beer with your lunch, they offer lunch Beer for only Yen 200.

Azumazushi is very close to Toyokuni Jinja Shrine (about 5 min. walk), Kyoto National Museum (about 10 min. walk) and Sanju Sangen-do Hall (about 12 min. walk). So, my suggestion is that you visit this Sushi restaurant on the way to / from these historical properties and cultural facility.

Getting There:
From: JR Kyoto Station
[Bus] Take Kyoto City Bus #86, #100, #110, #206 or #208 and get off at Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae bus stop. About 10 min. walk from the bus stop. #100 & #110 buses are leaving from D1 bus terminal, and #86 & #206 & #208 buses are leaving from D2 bus terminal. After getting off the bus, walk back to the west and turn to the right at the south-west corner of Kyoto National Museum. Keep walking until you come to T junction where you can see Toyokuni Jinja Shrine on your right. Make the left turn and keep walking. You will find the restaurant on your right.
[Taxi] This is the easiest and fastest way to get to the restaurant. About 7 - 10 min. Taxi fare is about Yen 1,000. Make sure to tell "Azuma Sushi near Toyokuni Jinja Shrine", because there are a couple other Azuma Sushi's in town.
From: Keihan Shichijo Station
[Walk] About 5 min. After getting out of Shichijo Station, walk to the north on Kawabata Street (walk on the right hand side). Turn to the right at the corner where Kanshundo Japanese confectionary shop stands, and keep walking to the east. You will find the restaurant on your left.

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