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Shoren-in Temple

Hidden Gem in Higashiyama Ward This is a really quiet temple in Higashiyama Ward, one of the busiest areas in Kyoto. Most of the visitors to Higashiyama Ward usually pick highly popular temples introduced in travel guidebooks, including Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kodai-ji Temple, etc. But what you see in such popular places are “huge crowds of …

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Zuisenji Temple


Witness of a Sad History History of Zuisenji Temple is really tragic and can depress those who visit there. Enshrined in the temple are Hidetsugu Toyotomi (imperial regent) and his family who died sad deaths. In late Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1568 – 1600), Hideyoshi Toyotomi was the ruler of Japan. He had an absolute power ruling …

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Nishio Yatsuhashi-no-Sato

Restaurant & Cafe Operated by “Yatsuhashi” Confectionery Nishio is one of the oldest confectioneries in Kyoto, having been specialized in “Yatsuhashi” which is a baked cinnamon-flavored cookie made from rice flour and sugar. While staying as one of the leading Yatsuhashi suppliers, they opened a casual Japanese restaurant & cafe in 2013 next to their …

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Yoshimura Soba Restaurant

Perfect Soba Noodle Restaurant Yoshimura is my most favorite Soba noodle restaurant (& Izakaya) in Kyoto. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, and they have been loved by Japanese people for a long time since Edo period. Soba is one of the very affordable Japanese comfort foods – we see Soba noodle stands on …

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One of the Best BBQ Unagi Restaurants in Kyoto Perhaps Sumide can be ranked in 3 best BBQ “Unagi” (broiled fresh water Eel) restaurants in Kyoto. Unagi is more popular in Nagoya area, but still there are superb Unagi specialized restaurants outside of Nagoya. Why is Unagi of Sumide so good ? Several reasons… Reason …

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Best Quality Wagyu Beef BBQ Probably “Hiro” is one of the few best Wagyu Beef BBQ restaurants in Kyoto. There are 8 locations in Kyoto where you can eat their top notch beef and each of them delivers exactly the same quality foods and same level of services. The location I always pick is “Kiyamachi” …


Aoi Matsuri


Aoi Matsuri (= Aoi Festival) is one of the 3 major festivals in Kyoto. It starts off from Shimogamo Jinja and ending at Kamigamo Jinja. Dressed people are marching on the street.