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Places to See

Goou-Jinja Shrine

God of Legs/Lower Back Goou Jinja Shrine is located kitty corner to Hamaguri-Gomon gate of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden. It is also called “Wild Boar Shrine”, famous for a miraculous power of healing sore legs and lower back. You can see statues of wild boars enshrined in the precinct. On every 21st of the month, …

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Places to See

Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine

Shrine near a beautiful and quiet Geisha Town Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine is located a bit far away from central Kyoto area, but worth visiting. “Kamishichi-ken”, one of the five Geisha towns in Kyoto, is right next to the shrine, so whenever I visit Kitano-Tenmangu, I also walk to Kamishichi-ken where there are restaurants, cafes and from …

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Places to See

Shosei-En Garden

Beautiful Japanese Garden near JR Kyoto Station This beautiful Japanese garden is a hidden gem in Kyoto. It is an enclave of Higashi-Honganji Temple. Many people know about Higashi-Honganji Temple – because it is so popular – and they visit there, but majority of them do not even know the temple has a huge detached …

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Places to See

Rokkaku-Do Hall

Hexagonal Roof – profound in meaning… Official name of this temple is “Choho-ji”, located in a convenient area close to the famous Nishiki Market, a narrow alley market right in the central shopping district. People call the temple “Rokkaku-do” Hall, because the shape of the tiled roof is hexagonal (“Rokkaku” = hexagon in English). If …

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Places to See

Kennin-Ji Temple

Oldest Zen temple in Kyoto I really like this temple. It is in a prime location in Higashiyama Ward, pretty close to Gion (the most bustling Geisha district) and to the central area of Kyoto. On top of that, this temple is relatively quieter than nearby crowded sightseeing spots like Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kodai-ji Temple, Yasaka …

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Where to Eat



Kyoto-Style Chinese Cuisine in the heart of Gion District This is one of my most favorite restaurants in Kyoto. It stands in the heart of Gion area – right by Gion Shinbashi bridge over Shirakawa river. The area is really beautiful, leaving townscape from more than 300 years with “Machiya” old Japanese houses and stone …