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Nishio Yatsuhashi-no-Sato

Restaurant & Cafe Operated by “Yatsuhashi” Confectionery Nishio is one of the oldest confectioneries in Kyoto, having been specialized in “Yatsuhashi” which is a baked cinnamon-flavored cookie made from rice flour and sugar. While staying as one of the leading Yatsuhashi suppliers, they opened a casual Japanese restaurant & cafe in 2013 next to their …

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Yoshimura Soba Restaurant

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Perfect Soba Noodle Restaurant Yoshimura is my most favorite Soba noodle restaurant (& Izakaya) in Kyoto. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, and they have been loved by Japanese people for a long time since Edo period. Soba is one of the very affordable Japanese comfort foods – we see Soba noodle stands on …

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Best Quality Wagyu Beef BBQ Probably “Hiro” is one of the few best Wagyu Beef BBQ restaurants in Kyoto. There are 8 locations in Kyoto where you can eat their top notch beef and each of them delivers exactly the same quality foods and same level of services. The location I always pick is “Kiyamachi” …